WORLD-famous asparamancer Jemima Packington has once again 'thrown the asparagus' to find out what the future holds in 2020.

Using Vale of Evesham asparagus to make her predictions Miss Packington - sometimes known as “Mystic Veg” - is thought to be the only Asparamancer in the world and began making predictions aged eight. She says she inherited the gift from her elderly aunt who used to read tea leaves.

This year, her predictions are:

l Trump will win a second term; he will however face impeachment again and this time it will be carried through.

l Concerns about global warming will again take centre stage but more countries will take action to minimise the threat to the planet. Pressure will be put on those countries who don't accept there is a problem. The instances of storms, typhoons, hurricanes and flooding will increase tenfold, directly attributable to global warming. The uk will not escape this and especially flooding.

l Sports and sporting personalities will be embroiled in scandals including some high-profile and much-loved names. The nation will be shocked by some of the revelations.

l Brexit will happen smoothly and will not cause the problems that were anticipated.

l A real shake up of the major political parties will take place sooner than expected.

l There will be a resurgence of independent retailers and smaller shops. Shop Local will start to mean something again.

l The youngest person ever to win an Oscar will be heralded as an acting talent of the future.

l There will be continued turmoil within the Royal family and this will result in certain members being precluded from Royal duties and have privileges withdrawn but the Sovereign will prevail. More royal births but royal bereavements too.

l A renowned showbiz personality will announce his retirement from public life which will come as a great surprise, but he will receive an honour for his achievements.

l A review of the BBC licence fee will take place and the fee will be reduced or abolished completely.

l A review will take place of the standards set for education from kindergarten to university. This will lead to radical reforms and more challenging standards.

l The interest in veganism will plateau as people will find it difficult to embrace no animal products being consumed.

l The Vale of Evesham asparagus will be heralded as the most prized vegetable worldwide!