A WOMAN says she’s angry after a bus company has stopped issuing return tickets which forces her to spend more on two singles.

Carol Goodall says she used to pay £2.80 for a return trip using bus 37 which took her from her Worcester home to Bevere for work. She claims she is now forced to pay an extra 80p to buy two single tickets.

First Worcester has confirmed the return ticket option has been removed as ‘it is cheaper for customers to purchase two single tickets.’

Ms Goodall, aged 60 said: “I feel very angry. Instead of costing me £2.80 for a return, I now have to pay for two single tickets which cost me £1.80 each way.

“First told me I have a choice - get a day ticket which costs £4.70 or pay for a single ticket each way. How many people want a day ticket? Most people want a return journey - no one wants to travel all day on the bus.”

Ms Goodall, who works for Age UK, relies on the bus service to get to work.

She said: “I work for a charity, so I am not on a lot of money. If they put up the price much more, I won’t be able to get to work.

“It’s hitting all the lower paid people. It’s a way of increasing the fares astronomically. You can understand a 20p increase, but not 80p.”

Rob Hughes, head of operations at First Worcester said: "We have a comprehensive selection of fare options that people can take advantage of.

"In this instance it may be the case that the fare is higher by paying for two singles but the journey could be made cheaper by purchasing ‘10 single carnet journey tickets’ that are available on our App, priced at just £1.50 per journey.


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"Alternatively if the person is a regular traveller, by purchasing a week ticket each journey would work out at £1.60 per journey, both options would save the customer money over what they are presently paying.

"We encourage all our customers to check out our ticket range, as it is likely there will be a cheaper option available over what they are paying for their bus travel."

Ms Goodall added: “The government wants people to use public transport, but you can hardly afford it. I think people should be made aware of this. It is a huge hike on fares."