I WILL soon be making my annual Fair Point predictions for 2020 but before I do I thought it was worthwhile seeing how I got on with 2019 predictions.

In my column a year ago entitled “Brexit delay, an election, Trump’s last year - my 2019 predictions” - I confidently (cough) made three predictions.

Firstly, I forecast a Brexit delay, writing “If, as seems certain now, the vote on the PM's deal is lost next week, pushing back the deadline could be Theresa May’s only option.”

And so it proved as March 31 came and went with the deadline moved back to the infamous "do or die" October 31, which eventually was moved to the current deadline at the end of this month.

Secondly, I was correct with my prediction of a general election, but I was wrong to forecast it would be early 2019.

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I did write though: “What possibly could delay this is PM May will want to hold on for as long as possible.

“Ultimately a PM not controlling events, and instead reacting to them, is not sustainable and could lead to her downfall.”

This is of course eventually how things played out as Mrs May officially resigned in July, before a Conservative leadership contest was held and Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

My third prediction, that it would be Donald Trump’s last year in office, ultimately proved an incorrect one.

This time last year I wrote I was unsure what it would be that caused the President's downfall, but it emerged the focus would be on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

I wrote that he would be forced to resign as “faced with impeachment, presidents will always prefer to resign.”

Although the impeachment took place, of course Trump hasn’t resigned and knows the Republican controlled Senate will likely back him in January.

But 2020 is an election year, so who knows what will happen next.

As for my sports predictions, that was very much a mixed bag.

I was wrong on Liverpool Premier League champions, Champions League winners Manchester City, and Wimbledon champion Alexander Zverev.

But with The Ashes being a draw, and the Cricket World Cup being an England win, I did get the cricket predictions right - if only I had put money on it.