RESIDENTS have complained about 'selfish parking' on the pavement in a Worcester street.

A parked car has been repeatedly blocking the pavement in Bolston Road, and now neighbours are speaking out.

Emily Letourneau, 51, who lives in Woolhope Road, said: "I’m surprised to see that someone has parked like that without thinking about the impact upon other people. Anyone using a wheelchair or who has a visual impairment is put at risk - as are people pushing pushchairs or prams.

“Everyone is struggling to find parking in this area, it’s nearly impossible to consistently park outside your own home, but this person’s parking is taking it to a new level of desperation.”

Another resident, from nearby Bolston Road, added: “I’ve seen this a lot recently. Same car, same house. It beggars belief. I have visually impaired friends with visually impaired children who visit my house. There’s also a 94-year-old woman a few doors down from me who is independent.”

City councillor Louis Stephen said: “Anti-social parking is a problem across the area I represent in Battenhall too - especially on St Dunstan’s Crescent. There are many people that are now forced to walk in the road as the pavements have been blocked. This includes people with mobility issues as well as parents with prams and buggies.

“Most residential side roads were not built for the size of modern cars - in many case these are accidents waiting to happen. As well as better enforcement we need to see far more investment in measures to reduce city centre congestion, especially investment in buses and active travel like walking and cycling.”

Pavement parking is banned in London and can lead to a £70 fine, but whether or not its an offence elsewhere is a grey area. Highway Code rule 244 says drivers "must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it." The use of the term 'should not' for areas outside London means pavement parking is not strictly a punishable offence outside of the capital.

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