A PINK glow in the sky has been blamed on tomatoes.

Villagers had been left puzzled about the blush sky, after spotting it at night over Throckmorton, near Pershore.

However, the mystery has now been solved and it has been revealed the pinkness in the sky is due to a new 20 acre greenhouse where Evesham Vale Growers (EVG) is growing British tomatoes all year round for their supermarket customers.

Bishampton resident Beverley Young voiced her concerns over the “strange pink glow all night” in a recent letter about a proposed 2,000 home ‘super village’ planned near the site.

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An EVG spokesman said: “The lights, which are a mixture of blue and red LEDs are used to replicate a bright summer day through the winter months, which help the tomatoes grow and ripen.”

He added the reason the sky sometimes appears pink is down to the weather. If it is foggy or overcast the light reflects from the clouds. But when the sky is clear the pink isn’t visible.

The greenhouses use massive blackout screens which automatically close at night, although they need to leave a small gap which allows some light to escape.

The company said, as with any new technology, it had expected there to be a bedding in period of ironing out operational issues, and said it was working with local residents to alleviate their concerns.

The EVG spokesman said: “Growing tomatoes in the UK through the winter months reduces the need for imports from Southern Europe and Northern Africa, and is a huge step forward as the UK looks to impose tariffs and border controls on fresh produce from abroad. The locally grown British tomatoes can be found in branches of Sainsburys, Morrisons and the Co-op.”