SIR – Before the General Election, Tom Walker (a.k.a. Jonathan Pie) said that the Prime Minister appeared to distance himself from so-called ‘austerity’ and other government policies.

In addition, he said that the PM: “Consistently defended the banks after a global financial crash in 2008 that the Conservatives used as an opportunity to implement a political ideology that was a brutal and sustained assault on the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society…

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“He was at the heart of a government that forced disabled people to work, decimated mental health services, slashed legal aid, abandoned social care for the elderly and has seen child poverty skyrocket so that right now one in every three children is living below the poverty line…

“The rich are much richer, the poor are much poorer, more people are living on the streets than ever before…the NHS is broken, police numbers have been slashed, knife crime is up, the prison service is on its knees… the United Kingdom is falling apart at the seams.

“The Tories did this. No other party did this. The Tories did this.”

Let’s also remember that in the past 10 years, the funding that councils have received from central government has been reduced.

Worcester City Council’s central government funding has fallen from £8.152 million to £4.103 million. This is a result of Conservative policy, and yet the MP for Worcester has been re-elected with an increased majority.


Green Party Councillor, St Stephen ward