A WOMAN is disappointed with a furniture store after she bought items three times and each time they were delivered damaged.

Patricia Green, also known as Clare, said she bought a sideboard and TV unit from Oak Furnitureland but had to replace the items twice due to them being delivered damaged.

She claims the furniture cost £720 in total which she has agreed to pay via a £22 instalment each month for four years.

Miss Green has paid £22 to the company and says she is still waiting for her money to be reimbursed.

She alleges the furniture, which she bought last month, was either scratched, stained or had grey paint on it.

Miss Green, aged 44, said: “For the sort of money you pay you expect good quality furniture. I thought it was going to be better quality, because it was so expensive.

“I took the objects back and asked for them to be repaired, but I was told they couldn’t because they were so damaged.

“The second time we had the same problem - except there was even more damage on the furniture than the last time.

“By the third time when we discovered the items were damaged, we had had enough.”

Miss Green, from Worcester, has said the stress has triggered her long-term condition, fibromyalgia, and depression.

She said: “This had been going on for a month. It made me feel on edge and I haven’t been able to sleep.

“My shoulders and knees were in agony. I get triggered by stress, so it didn’t help.

“We told them we would never buy from there again. Their customer service is appalling.”

Miss Green said she has been ‘left out of pocket’ due to having her car valeted three times to get rid of polystyrene packaging she had been forced to take to the tip.

She claims staff at the store, in Blackpole Retail Park, offered her a free item as an apology, but Miss Green said she would only accept £75 to compensate the ‘inconvenience.’ The store accepted her offer on January 8, she claims, but says she has yet to receive the money.

She added: “I was offered a free accessory – either a clock, mirror or a lamp. But then they agreed to pay the £75 as they didn’t want me going to the financial ombudsman.

“I had to keep making trips to the tip to dispose the packaging.”

A spokesman from Oak Furnitureland said: “We were extremely disappointed to hear about the customer’s experience, as we aim to offer a high level of service to all of our customers.

“We’re pleased to have resolved the issue with the customer and we are confident that they are satisfied with the resolution.”