A COUPLE hope dancers will be "jive walking" in their new over 50s dance class.

Barry and Jane Potter from Astwood Road currently take part in the Walking Football Worcester group in which members are invited to play football but at a slower pace.

Now they are adapting the same idea and starting a "walking dancing" group - a slightly slower form of dancing.

Keen sportsman, Barry Potter, 75, said: “The walking football group has really taken off, it is very popular and a good way for people over the age of 50 to keep fit and healthy.”

“My wife, and I noticed not many women were coming forward for walking football so we have decided to launch this new venture of walking dancing.”

“We will be playing songs from the swinging 60s to allow people to relive their memories through music and dance. I am hoping people will come and join in, it is important for us older people to get out and about and meet people. Lots of people our age are widowed and alone, it gives people the opportunity to socialise as well as keep fit and healthy.

“It is not vigorous, it is very gentle and attendees will build up stamina as they go, it is a chance to have fun on what would otherwise be a boring afternoon. I haven’t seen anything else like it so I am hoping it goes well.

"As we get older, our bodies change and we naturally start to slow down a little bit. but too much sitting and too little movement can make people feel worse in the long run, and leave them more prone to slips and falls."

AGE UK advice suggests regular activity can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, some cancers, depression and dementia. Moving more helps your thinking skills – like problem-solving, decision-making and remembering facts and words.Being active can lessen aches and pains, help you stay steady on your feet and boost your mood.

The dancing couple will host their first Rocking and Rolling disco alongside DJ Jonny Gold on January 22 at The Alma Tavern Droitwich Road Worcester.

It will run from 2pm until 4pm and cost £3 per person.

William Bradley, co-owner of the Alma Tavern said: “The Rocking and Rolling Disco is a great way to bring the community together as well as give the over fifty’s a chance to relive their youth and make new friends."

Get in touch with Jane and Barry on thier Facebook page: Walking Football Worcester.