A MUM says she feels trapped in her top floor flat with her three children – however, her housing association says she was offered a new home but didn't respond.

Virginia Marriott, 25, currently lives in a two bedroom flat in Saddlers Walk.

The frustrated mum explained: “I have been in this flat for five years, but I have been trying to move since my youngest was born.

“It is impossible for me to get my eldest daughter, who has learning difficulties, down the stairs whilst also carrying my two babies and a double pushchair. I feel trapped in my own home. It is a real danger, my son has already had a nasty fall on the steps.”

Miss Marriott lives alone with her three children, Kenzie-Jai, 11 months old, Oscar, 2, and daughter Angel who is 7. Daughter Angel suffers from scoliosis and global developmental delay, this causes her to be unsteady on her feet.

Miss Marriott says she is completely reliant on family members to do the simplest of things.

“My mum has to come round every day before work to get my eldest to the bus stop for school because I physically can’t get all children down four flights of stairs safely. My brother in law has to bring my shopping round, it affecting the whole family, it is not fair on them.”

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Miss Marriott claims that due to daughter Angel’s special needs, housing associations Citizen Housing and Fortis Living had offered the family a move to a more suitable property in Dines Green.

However, Citizen says that Miss Marriott and Fortis did not confirm that she wished to move so the property was offered to someone else.

Miss Marriott said: “I had a call from Fortis asking if I wanted to accept a property in Dines Green, and of course I said yes straight away. They took all my details and assured me they would be in touch with a moving date. This was a few weeks ago, so after not hearing anything from Fortis I called Citizen and they said the property has been allocated to someone else.

“I am now left in a situation where I don’t know what will happen next. I feel very confused and I am not sure what is going on, both Fortis and Citizen keep passing the blame on to one another and neither one has tried to explain or rectify my housing situation.”

“I am essentially trapped, it is making me depressed, the kids don’t understand why mummy is upset and why we can’t go out together as a family. My heart breaks for them.

“This whole ongoing dispute has really taken it’s toll on me, I don’t know how much longer I can cope.”

A spokesperson for Citizen said: “We advised Miss Marriot that we had a property available but she told us that she had been offered a suitable home with another housing association.We gave her a month to let us know her decision. Having still not heard from Miss Marriot we called to inform her that the house had been allocated to someone else. We have not refused Miss Marriot a home and we are willing to work with her to find another similar home.”