A MUM is setting up a community dress donation to combat the financial stress caused to parents before the school proms.

Tamie Evans said prom dresses can cost around £80-£90. She said: “That’s just the dress. Then it’s £40 for your hair, £20 on your nails, then you have got transport, it all adds up. I know I can’t afford that. So after everything I have gone through it’s nice to do something that makes me feel good and helps other parents that may be going through similar things I have been through.”

Miss Evans’s daughter Chloe Buckland, 15 will attend her prom this year at Pershore High School. Miss Evans said: “I was up at my mums and was stressing about the prom. I have barely done Christmas and how am I going to manage her prom, and her 16th birthday coming up?”

Miss Evans’s mum found an old dress that she thought Chloe would like. Miss Evans said: “It was absolutely stunning, and I don’t have to worry now.”

After speaking with other mums also worried about funding their children’s prom outfits, Miss Evans posted about her idea on social media.

“I had 10 dresses in just 24 hours. These dresses can go to kids like my daughter, and it takes the pressure off parents,” the mum of three said.

The plan is for a boutique to be set up at Miss Evans house. Girls wanting to borrow a dress can try them on. Miss Evans is also looking for donations of accessories like handbags, tiaras and shoes as well as tuxedos, smart suits and smart shoes for boys.

Anyone who has a vintage car and would be happy to give someone a lift to the prom should also contact Miss Evans.

Local beauticians, nail technicians and hairdressers will be able to promote their businesses at the boutique in return for one free treatment, which the girls can win by buying a raffle ticket.

Miss Evans hopes the boutique will be fun and “take the stigma out of prom” for families on lower incomes. She said: “Prom should be about celebrating friendships and making memories, not whose got the most expensive dress.”

To get involved contact tamie.evans@aol.co.uk or visit the facebook page Grab a Prom Dress, alternatively contact Pershore High School.