EVERY year I try this it gets more and more difficult to make predictions. But after reasonable success last year I'm on a roll so thought I'd give it another go.

So here's my attempt for 2020:

1. Brexit negotiations to break down, and facing the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit once again.

I don't want no deal, few want a no deal, but as I have written recently it appears to me to be a 90 per cent chance right now.

Why? Because Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written into law that the deadline for negotiations is December 31, and that is too short a period to get a comprehensive trade deal.

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European Union leaders are warning it isn't enough time.

At some point there could be major sticking points that delay the talks, and lead to a crisis.

At that point we could see large rebellions in the commons, as Conservative MPs fearing no deal might defy the whip and go against the government for instance if another attempt was made to force the PM to write another letter.

Whether that would be successful this time though looks unlikely and, as I can't see the PM agreeing to another extension, the only way round the crashing out scenario would be specific agreements, for instance on security, to lessen the impact.

2. On the battle to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, it is difficult to see past current bookies favourite Keir Starmer.

But that is exactly what I'm going to do, as I'm forecasting the party's first female leader with a victory for Rebecca Long Bailey, and her deputy to be Angela Rayner.

3. A win for Bernie Sanders in November's Presidential election.

Donald Trump's presidency has been shambolic from the start, and I wrote a year ago that time was running out for him.

Many who backed him will feel let down, so they will either not vote or back the Democrat's Sanders.

However, if Joe Biden get the Democrat nominee, its a 50/50 call who wins.

4. As for my sports predictions, I'm going for England to reach the Wembley final of the Euros, Great Britain to get fewer medals at the Olympics than Rio 2016 (but come in the top six in the medal table), and Liverpool to win the Premier League and Champions League again.