POLICE can take action to stop drivers blocking the pavement through 'selfish parking', Worcester City Council has said.

After our recent article about residents complaining about a motorist who was completely obstructing the pavement by parking in Bolston Road, Battenhall, Worcester, many of our readers asked what the law was on the matter.

Pavement parking is banned in London and can lead to a £70 fine, but whether or not its an offence elsewhere is a grey area. Highway Code rule 244 says drivers "must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it." The use of the term 'should not' for areas outside London means pavement parking is not strictly a punishable offence outside of the capital.

The Worcester News approached Worcester City Council to find out the situation here.

A spokesman for the city council said: “The police can take enforcement action in cases where parking is causing an obstruction (like the vehicle shown in the picture above).

"The city council can take enforcement action if someone parks on a dropped kerb, if the property owner has made a request for us to do so.

"Members of the public can also go to the Worcestershire County Council and request restricted parking areas e.g. resident only parking. However, a certain percentage of residents must request it before it can be enforced.”

Following our article of January 7, one reader contacted us to say: "We had a car parked in our road recently that prevented anyone getting in or out. We are a cul de sac of 28 houses. It was about 11am in the morning before the owner moved his car.”

Readers called parking on the pavement 'selfish' when it forces people in wheelchairs or using pushchairs to go into the road to get past.

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