THE news Chateau Impney Hill Climb has been cancelled for 2020 will come as a disappointment to the many thousands who have attended events over the last five years.

It is also worrying for the future of similar events, and the prospect of new ones launching in the future.

There is some speculation as to why a seemingly well attended event will not be going ahead as planned this July - with the promoters remaining tight lipped for the reason or reasons.

Of course it can not be easy to organise an event like the Hill Climb, when you factor in running costs and simply getting people to marshal the event. You could easily see how this event did not run for decades before making its return five years ago.

And sadly five years later, its been axed and who knows whether it will ever make a return again.

But it is just a shame as city residents, and those from further afield, enjoy going to these events and we here at the Worcester News want to report on them.

They give people something to look forward to - we want to see more of them in Worcestershire, not less.