The NHS in south Worcestershire is spending less on diabetes drugs per patient than it did five years ago, figures reveal.

Charity Diabetes UK says the disease is "one of our biggest health crises", and the health service allocated more than £1billion in the last financial year alone to devices and drugs.

NHS Digital figures show South Worcestershire CCG forked out £5.7million on prescribing medicines for diabetes in 2018-19 – an average of £309 on each patient, down from £311 in 2013-14. Across England, it was £328 last year.

Diabetes UK's Nikki Joule said: "It is vital that drugs being prescribed are reviewed regularly, not only to ensure patients receive the most effective therapy, but also to reduce waste."

The NHS bill for treating diabetes has ballooned nationally over the last five years, from £800million in 2013-14 to £1.1 billion in 2018-19.