ST RICHARDS charity shop will be closed for a number of months for refurbishment

The shop in Mealcheapen Street closed on January 10 and is not set to reopen until March.

Dan Corns, Commercial Director said: "We have temporarily closed the shop for essential maintenance and have taken the opportunity to update the look and layout of the shop to improve the shopping and working environment whilst also giving us extra room to offer more stock, helping to raise the funds we need to provide our free care to patients and loved ones.

"We have a rolling programme of refurbishment and maintenance work for our shops across the county, to ensure they are kept in the best condition for everyone who uses them. The cost of the work for our Mealcheapen Street shop has been calculated into our budgets for this financial year.

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"While the temporary closure of this shop may cause a reduction in income, we know from previous experience that investing in improving our shops pays off for the hospice in the long-term.

"We will still be taking donations which can be dropped in to any of our stores across Worcestershire.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure and want to thank the people of Worcester for their continued support."