WEST Mercia's Police and Crime Commissioner says technology weaknesses and a lack of training are to blame for victims not being sufficiently supported following investigations.

In his monthly meeting with the Chief Constable on Monday, PCC John Campion said a more consistent approach across the force in the way crimes are investigated was needed, where the right staff with the right skills work towards the best outcomes for communities.

This includes ensuring those officers who are equipped to deal with complex investigations are given the space and time to complete investigations and not bogged down with day-to-day police duties, he said.

Mr Campion said the recent investment in rising officer numbers, means officers who previously would have dealt with multiple complex crimes, along with day to day demands, will have more time to prioritise the most important issues.

Mr Campion says there were improvements needed in this area, and he wants to push the Chief Constable to make outcomes for victims better.

Commissioner John Campion said: “I promised the communities of West Mercia that I would support and challenge West Mercia Police to continue to improve the way the police investigate crimes, meaning that justice for victims can be brought about more quickly allowing those victims to cope, recover and thrive more quickly.

“Through these formal holding to account processes, I ensure on behalf of the public the force are taking action. It’s vital the investigative process isn’t hampered by lack of training, ICT weaknesses or overwhelming demand, so victims get the outcome they deserve.

"I never fail to be impressed by the commitment, drive and enthusiasm of the officers and staff that work as part of the investigative function in West Mercia, my drive is to make sure the organisation is “match fit” to support them in those endeavours.”