MANY stores in the city centre have closed over the years and we asked our readers which store they would like to see return.

This is what they said.

Paul Steel said: “It was a recent closure, but Rise the independent record store.

“It sold interesting books and other bits and pieces, and it was a good music hub.”

Kim Jones said: “Woolworths, C&A and BHS.”

Janet Susan Barnes said: “Woolworths - I used to work there in the 1970s.”

Jess Hart said: “I miss Woolworths.

“My mum and dad used to take me in there to get me sweets.”

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Kevin Heywood said: “Viking Burger.”

Lizzie Jaw said: “Bow Bangles.”

John Millward said: “John Lewis.”

Rosemary Tenney said: “Dorthy Perkins and Woolworths.”

Eva Marie said: “Mothercare - I’m really going to miss shopping there for my little girl.”

Claire Louise Berry said: “Deffo Woolworths and Chelsea Girl.”

Linda Pritchett said: “Trend and Russell and Dorrell.”

Simon Patrick said: “Large majority of us shop online now including me.

“Things change, always have and always will.”

Jo Lines said: “Our Price.

“Workers there could find me anything I asked for, including the soundtrack to Big Bad World, when nobody else could.

“I’ve still got the cd stuck in my old car and I wish I still had it.”

Lisa Wardroper said: “[from reading comments] It sounds like all the shops that’s close should come back.”

Philip Compton said: “Redding’s down The Tything.”

Jess Hart said: “I also miss BHS - it was nice at Christmas.

“And I also miss the shops in The Lychgate.”

Michael Mooney joked: “I don’t know about lost shops but what we could really do with is a vape shop.”

Hayley Lewis said: “Burger king,

Woolworths and Tandys.”

Philip Randle said: “Viking Burgers all day long.”