BOXING sessions have been organised for young people in a bid to tackle the rise in anti-social behaviour in Worcester.

Boxing coach Shawn Lacroix has teamed up with Worcester Community Trust (WCT) and West Mercia Police to host the self-defence lessons in Warndon.

Mark Steadman, from WCT, said: “Worcester Community Trust and our local partners had observed an increase in anti-social behaviour near to our Warndon Community Centre.

“Some of the young people had previously been involved in our youth provision whilst others we had no knowledge of.

“WCT would like to work closely with partners to target those young people and give them the opportunities to enter the building and access positive opportunities, this will help to restore relationships with WCT staff and reduce anti-social behaviour activity in the local area.”

Mr Steadman said that after meeting with the local youths, the WCT recruited Mr Lacroix who will offer weekly classes for young people in the area that would like to learn a new skill.

Boxing was chosen as they requested self-defence type classes that teach discipline and respect.

Mr Lacroix, aged 35, said: “The idea of these classes is to give the younger generation something to do and get them off the streets and help them into a better way of life.

“It’s sort of a knife down, gloves up sort of thing. With children getting bored, they have the intention of playing around places where people don’t want them.”


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West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, will fund this activity for the next 12 months.

The sessions will enable children to learn the ability to box, how to put combinations together, learn how to defend themselves and give them a way to see a future away from crime.

Mr Lacroix, from Worcester, added: “Fingers crossed the children will take advantage of this and enjoy the sport. Not just for the exercise but the self-defence, the weight loss, the mental state, discipline and the socialising side of things.

“Boxing is an excellent way to enhance cardiovascular health, burn calories and lose or maintain your weight. It can also help to improve total-body strength, give you better hand-eye coordination and decreased stress.”

Mr Steadman added: “The sessions will also be supported by WCT youth staff who can help to build community spirit, work with the young people to explore how we can work with them moving forwards, improve communication, social and motivational skills and educate young people on the impact of anto social behaviour on the community."

Mr Campion said: “I fully support initiatives like boxing clubs as they not only provide somewhere for young people to meet, but they have been vital in giving these individuals a focus. They get the opportunity to learn new skills and ultimately contribute to reducing the number of ASB incidents by becoming more positive members of society.”

The sessions, which are aimed at people between the age of eight and 16, will start on Friday, January 24 at 7.30pm at Warndon Youth and Community Centre, in Shap Drive.

For more details, call Mark on 07391017681 or email