IT is all well and good the Duke and Duchess of Sussex not receiving any more public funding or using their titles but I still have some concerns.

When I watched the wedding on television I did think Meghan was giving up a great deal, such as her independence and her wonderful acting career to join the Windsors for a life of public service.

Harry, a seasoned Apache helicopter pilot, must be itching to return to combat instead of shaking the hands of the general public when on public duties.

Both seem lovely people and I wish them the best.

They are a young couple and I think the Windsors by and large are a mascot of a bygone era, the sort of fantasy which exists when looking at a postcard from a tropical beach in Tahiti.

There must be endless pressure placed on them - and even by themselves - to adhere to some perfection which does not exist, a phantom.

I’m glad they are making a stand for their family but what about wealth including property acquired during their time in officialdom?

Security for the Windsors costs millions of pounds each year and I’m not denying them this but who will foot the bill for their move across the Atlantic?

I don’t think it’s down to the country in which they decide to live to foot the bill and I don’t think the British taxpayer ought to pay.

If we did pay then it would seem likely that the bill would go up considerably to accommodate their security overseas.

And, what if they decide to spend some of the year in the UK as was originally suggested?

I’ve attended events when extended members of the Royal family have visited Worcester and I can see the huge amount of security and planning that goes into each visit.

I’m sure the security is greatly increased for such higher ranking members.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on national media outlets in the coming weeks on these issues and I hope a reasonable solution can be agreed upon. The couple are not the first to take such a drastic step - Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry a ‘commoner’, Wallis Simpson, an American socialite.

Will other members of the family follow suit?