A restaurant worker crashed his car into a lamppost in Worcester while drunk.

Magistrates in Worcester heard how Hussain Akhtar crashed his car after he had been drinking in the city.

Prosecutor Emily Clewer told the court: "At around 9pm he was driving his Ford Focus in Worcester and there was a collision with a lamppost.

"He was picked up and taken home by his father in law and officers later went to his address. When they arrived they noticed he was smelling of alcohol so they took him to Worcester Police Station."

While at the police station, Akhtar, 37, admitted he had been drinking and said he had had two double Jack Daniel's and Cokes before driving.

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The court heard how Akhtar, of Constantine Close, Kempsey, works as a chef at an eatery in Malvern Link and was subject to a community order from 2019 for harassment and criminal damage.

He appeared in court with his arm in a cast, having recently had surgery on his hand, and chair of the bench Gareth Thomas allowed him to remain sitting for the duration because of his injury.

Mark Turnbull, representing Akhtar, said: "He was driving his girlfriend home before the accident. He would normally be working but can't at the moment because of his injury."

Mr Thomas banned Akhtar from driving for 18 months, as well as ordering him to pay a fine of £120, a victim surcharge of £32 and costs of £135 after he pleaded guilty to the offence on January 16. He was also offered the drink driving course to reduce his driving ban.