A CHARITY is holding an event in the city to feed the homeless and needy whilst also promoting social cohesion.

Saj Hussain, 37, founded the Purpose of Life charity five years ago in Yorkshire but aims to create a pocket of volunteers in every town in the country.

Mr Hussain said: “It is so important for me to support local communities here in the UK. I think some Muslim charities are guilty of focusing their efforts abroad. I am a Muslim but I am also a Yorkshire boy. It is very important to me that we help people here first.

“Prophet Mohammed said, ‘He is not a Muslim who eats his fill when his neighbour is hungry.’ That doesn’t mean my Muslim neighbour, that means anyone. No matter who they are or what they believe in.

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“We started doing events monthly in Yorkshire and we are now branching out to Birmingham and Worcester. Our ethos is to break barriers within communities and make sure that everyone feels included. Especially now, with Islamophobia and negativity in the media, I think it is important to combat it with positivity.

“Maggs Day Centre, The Salvation Army and Asda in Worcester have all been really supportive in our mission to reach out to those who need some support, whether that be a hot meal or someone to just sit with them and have a chat.

“It is not just the homeless, but people suffering with anxiety, depression, bereavement, loneliness, we will never turn anyone away, the people that need our support is increasing each year - it is very sad. I have had people come up to me and say: “I was suicidal before I came to this meal, and it has given me hope.” That is why we do what we do. We have a team of amazing volunteers who have helped with the distributing of leaflets, fundraising and serving food. It is great to see so many people getting involved.” The event will run from 2pm until 4pm on Sunday. There are free taxis running from the Salvation Army in the Trinity at 1.30pm to Unity House in Hill Street and back for those wishing to attend. There will be henna tattooing, nail painting and a barber giving free haircuts along with a three course meal.