A MUM was left in tears after she was forced to pay double the cost in bus travel after a ‘misunderstanding.’

Anna Watmore said she was left distressed when a mix-up with her Worcester City 2Trip ticket during a trip into the city.

Mrs Watmore, 28, said she bought the ticket for £4.20 from First Group’s App believing it would give her two single tickets to catch the 35-bus from her home in Glenthorne Avenue to Worcester Bus Station and back again with her seven-month-old son, James.

But her problems began when she could not fit on the bus with her pram and was told to wait for the next one, despite her already activating her ticket.

According to First Bus, passengers have a ‘15 minute window’ from activating their ticket to using it - and the ticket can only be used once in that time-frame for one journey.

But, Mrs Watmore wasn’t aware of the procedure, so when the next bus arrived, she scanned her ticket again but it wouldn't work.

She then tried activating her second journey ticket but, as the first ticket was still ‘open,’ the driver's ticket machine indicated it was not valid for travel.

Mrs Watmore paid another £4.50 for the Worcester Day Return ticket - although the bus company says this could have been avoided by waiting until the 15 minute window had elapsed.

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The mix-up comes after First Bus changed its ticket system so customers can buy two singles rather than a return ticket option after the company said this method is usually cheaper.

Mrs Watmore said: “Sleepless nights with an infant would stress any parent out, but this app ordeal was the last straw. The bus left, and I felt tears running down my face. I could not stop – I just wanted to see my mum in town.

“I was disgusted, distressed, and depressed all day. As I had to then additionally get a Worcester Day Return ticket for £4.50, it was 30p more than I originally planned. I know that extra £4.50 does not sound a lot, but that is a bag of nappies for me and a packet of baby porridge.”

Rob Hughes, head of operations at First Worcester said: “There has clearly been a misunderstanding here relating to the activation and use of the ticket. Once activated, there is a 15-minute window for when the ticket can be used.

“In this instance, as the ticket was already in use, it will not register again on the ticket machine until the 15 minutes has lapsed, which is why it registered an error. I want to apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused with the misunderstanding and we will be compensating them for the loss of travel.”