SIR – A few weeks ago I was at one of my volunteer positions, a four-hour shift washing dishes at Worcester Cathedral, it’s at the tradesmen’s entrance.

It was a cold day and I had worn my favourite jacket – a bright yellow waterproof beauty with a “Made in Sweden” tag on the collar.

Sixteen years ago I had a six-centimetre brain tumour removed, plus my short term memory (it is almost impossible for me to learn anything new) and every

penny counts.

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At the end of the shift I went to get my jacket but it was gone, along with my gloves and hat.

I sometimes leave the dishwashing after and go into the restaurant to see if I can help clear tables, somebody must have come in and stolen my jacket – I couldn’t believe it.

I hope that person is reading this (unlikely) and I hope that person realises how much they’ve hurt me.