A mum has shared her anger over her sons bike being stolen for the second time.

Kate Newbery lives in St. Johns and says she is scared by the spate of thefts.

The concerned mother of two said: "My son is really heartbroken, he is scared to go out of the house. He keeps telling me he doesn't want another bike in case it gets taken from him.

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"I am absolutely gutted for him. The bike was his Christmas and birthday present it was almost £400. I work as a caterer and raise two children by myself. It is a lot of money to lose. I am livid.

"The bike has been stolen before from town but the police caught the lads, and charged them, now it has been stolen again, I can't help but think maybe they are connected.

"Please if anyone knows anything or if someone has it, just leave it somewhere for us to find."

The bike is bright green.