A CAKE maker who is being treated for breast cancer in Worcester has praised the care she received at the hospital and made them a stunning cake to celebrate their birthday.

Maria Griffiths baked the cake in the shape of a Worcester pear - which is the symbol of the hospital's oncology department - to say thank you to staff after her treatment.

She was diagnosed with cancer last year

She said: “I have been making cakes from home for a couple of years now and was diagnosed with cancer after discovering a tender spot back in September.

“I had a mastectomy in October and have been having radiotherapy five days a week since then.

“I work at Waitrose part-time and they have been so supportive all the way through.”

Mrs Griffiths, 52, who also runs a specialist cake business from her home kitchen decided to bake a special cake to celebrate the 5th birthday of the Worcestershire Royal Hospital’s oncology department this week.

She said: “Someone mentioned when I was there the other day that it was their 5th birthday and offered to make the cake.

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“It is in the shape of a Worcester pear which is the Oncology Department’s symbol and is about 14 inches high.”

The cake was presented to staff at the hospital on Thursday, January 23, by Mrs Griffiths, who said: “Everyone is so supportive and really makes you feel you are going to be okay.

“They are so busy but everyone always has a smile on their face there and asks about you and how you are doing. I am extremely happy to be on these particular therapies because they mean I will live.”

The oncology department at Worcestershire Royal opened to patients in January 2015, before being ‘officially’ opened by Princess Anne in April 2015.

The £25 million Oncology Centre is run by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and enables 95 per cent of radiotherapy to be delivered within Worcestershire.