A woman has been left ‘furious’ after her dog discovered a pile of raw meat dumped by the canal.

Lorna Cameron, 65, said the discarded meat - which included strings of sausages and fried chicken - could have been dangerous for her dog and would attracted wild animals to the area.

A local councillor said he believed people had left the raw food in a bid to feed foxes and called on people to be more responsible.

Mrs Cameron said: “I was walking my dog this morning down the Droitwich canal by Porters Mill, near Fernhill Heath. It is a popular route for dog walkers and one we use quite regularly. When I came across some meat dumped by the canal. I am furious that someone could be so irresponsible.

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“There are strings of sausages, fried chicken, smoked salmon and bread dumped in a pile. I don’t understand why anyone would think that is a good idea. Any dog with a sense of smell could find it and eat it, which could cause a multitude of health problems for them; it also encourages rats and foxes to the area.”

County Councillor, Tony Miller, has said that it is more than likely people are leaving food for the foxes and the swans.

He said: “Porters Mill is a popular area for foxes and swans, it would seem that whoever left the meat behind was intending to feed them. I will go down now and clean it up myself, it is much cheaper than sending out a team. We are all trying to save money, not spend it. It is amazing that people just don’t pick up litter when they see it. We must change our attitude to litter entirely. People must be more considerate about what they are leaving and where.

“We have a terrible problem around the Wychavon area with fly tipping at the moment. A truck seems to be going out down the lanes at night and dumping copious amounts of stuff. It is really dangerous, it closed the bridge at one point and could have caused an accident

The Canal and River Trust declined to comment but promised to ensure the meat was removed.