A FOOTBALL club chairman is outraged at dog owners for allowing their animals to mess on a football pitch used by children under his care.

Nev Campbell,34, from Kempsey is the chairman of Kempsey Colts FC which caters for around 160 children some as young as seven who play on the club's pitch at Plovers Rise.

Mr Campbell said: “To knowingly let a dog poo anywhere and not pick it up is bad enough but anyone who allows it to happen on a public sports field used by children week in and week out has to be the lowest of the low.

“We’re sure that the majority of dog owners clean up after their dogs but given the amount of mess that we have to clear up each week, there is obviously a few that don’t.

“The reason for us reinforcing the Kempsey Parish Council’s ‘dogs must be kept on a lead’ policy is during the winter more people have no choice but to walk their dogs after dark and by allowing their dogs free reign of the field it’s difficult to see how they can firstly see their dog doing their business and secondly find the mess to pick it up.

“It’s always been a factor of playing football on public land but it just seems that we’re having to deal with it every weekend now.”

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Concerned parent Simon Yates’ child, River Yates, aged ten, is a member of Kempsey Colts FC.

Mr Yates said: “We have to inspect the pitch before each match at the moment as we’ve had kids in the past slipping and landing on dog mess.

“It’s disgusting.

“I’m worried about the disease which could be carried in the mess and it’s generally very unpleasant all round.”

Mr Campbell added: “With society the way it is nowadays, confronting someone who is low enough to not tidy up after their dog wouldn’t be high on my priorities for fear of their reaction.”

Worcester News has approached Kempsey Parish Council for comment but no one was available.