This week it has saddened me to report on not one, not two, but, three stores closing down in Worcester.

I have lived in the faithful city for my whole life and have seen all the developments that make it what it is today.

Most of them have been met with resistance at some point, but I think it is fair to say that Worcester would not be Worcester without the Hive, or Cathedral Square or the University.

Worcester is a brilliant place to live, it has settled nicely on that fine line between too busy/industrious and too sleepy/outdated.

However, there is a serious failing at the heart of our beautiful town.

The High Street.

It has been reduced to a rotting carcass with all the life picked clean out of it, and unfortunately, we can only blame ourselves.

I do not claim to be an economist and rely heavily on my phone to do my sums for me, but it is safe to assume that one of the most prevalent factors in shops closing down is we as consumers are not shopping in them.

This is down to a number of factors I understand, political unrest has surely affected the shopping industry and the grip on our wallets, then there is the time of year, January has always hit businesses hard.

Let's be honest online shopping is far too convenient these days. It seems only the clinically insane would leave their cosy houses where everything they could ever possibly imagine is a click away.

I must admit I do not shop like I used to; battling for a parking space, lugging heavy bags across town and braving the elements all too often stop me 'popping into town' like I did in my teenage years.

It saddens me that our city centre has taken such a bashing, that my son will not be able to enjoy it how I have. However, all good things come to an end.

If the High Street cannot cope one must ask why enough isn't being done to reinvigorate the city centre, it is clear shopping is not working.

What's next?