A COUNCILLOR is campaigning for the sale of fireworks louder than 90 decibels to be banned.

City and county councillor Andy Roberts put forward the motion at a full county council to restrict noisy fireworks to be sold to the public.

This comes after residents raised their concerns about loud fireworks being let off in residential areas.

But, the council’s response was that it’s not a local government matter and sits with Parliament as it impacts the nation.

Cllr Roberts said: “In the future people will be amazed that members of the public were once able to set off powerful loud fireworks in amongst houses. They will wonder, why were young people injured, pets terrified, and vulnerable people traumatised for no reason?

“Our aim should be to provide an argument to get the government to take measures to stop people setting off loud fireworks in urban areas.

“The public is firmly behind change but there is hedging. Though different in scale it’s a bit like the opposition of the firearms lobby in the USA.”


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Cllr Roberts has now proposed that fireworks sold to the public shouldn’t be any louder than 90 decibels, rather than the existing legal limit of 120 decibels. The RSPCA define loud fireworks as being over 90 decibels - although louder fireworks can be used by ‘professionals.’

Cllr Roberts said: “It’s frustrating because the government wants to build a picture but councils (who can paint the picture) think it ‘sits fairly and squarely with Parliament.’

“I’m going to petition Parliament. This will be a non-political action. The aim is to ban the sale of loud fireworks to the public. The government believes most people who use fireworks do so appropriately. We believe that it is never appropriate to detonate loud fireworks in residential areas. The picture is already clear, the sale of loud fireworks to the public must stop.”

There is no restriction on the use of fireworks throughout the year providing it’s before 11pm.