WHAT a sad discovery it must have been when members of the PTA at Whittington Primary School discovered that money raised for the pupils had been taken without explanation. It is unclear exactly what has happened to the money – said to be all of the previous year’s profit –but the school have called in the police and an investigation has been under way.

For those whose blood, sweat and tears went into raising the money – and the families who have supported the numerous events it must have held to raise it – this will be heartbreaking. Schools – especially primary schools – are held dear to their families and they will feel this breach of trust as a personal blow.

All the more so since, as we have reported many times, schools across the county say unfair funding has left them struggling for money.

The PTA has responded to the crisis, saying it has put better safeguards in place.

Members have also declared that they have doubled their efforts to raise money for the school in a bid to recoup the money but this loss of trust will be hard to recover from. We wish them luck.