PUBLIC toilets in Worcester have been permanently closed due to drug taking and anti-social behaviour.

A spokesman for the Worcester City Council said: “The Angel Place toilets have been closed because of a high number of anti-social behaviour incidents, including drug-taking.

“The City Council is liaising with the police over the issue. We will be looking at ways in which the toilets can be re-opened safely, but they will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

“The nearest public toilets that are available are in the Crowngate bus station.”

Worcester News readers said they were disappointed in the news.

Kerry Davies said: “As a mum with two small children there are already very few public toilets in Worcester as it is and we increasingly have to go and purchase things in order to use other toilets. This is ridiculous considering a three-year-old gives very little notice when they need the loo.”

Shakayla Bailey said: “What the hell? Really? Absolutely disgusting. There’s hardly any public toilets about in Worcester as it is.”

Donna Bird said: “So rather than try to stop these problems they take the easy route in closing it! Says it all.” David Fairbrother said: “Drug addicts spoil it for every one. More should be done to stamp it out.”

Another commented: “So everyone is affected by the actions of a few. Typical council reaction. How about more police foot patrols?”

Concerned readers sent Worcester News photographs of used needles found in the Angel Place toilets back in 2015.

Marc Bayliss, leader of the Worcester City Council, refused to comment when approached by a Worcester News reporter