TOMORROW evening at 11pm the UK formally leaves the European Union.

After the chaos of recent years, the UK will be out, but enters an 11 month transition period with the UK continuing to obey EU rules and paying money to the EU, while talks on the future relationship are held.

Ahead of the historic moment we asked readers how they were feeling and there was a big response.

Steve Lane said: "Yawning at all the doomsayers. It starts Friday and there's nothing anyone can do about it - stop being in denial and embrace the change with optimism."

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Holly Allen said: "As someone who imports perishables, I’ll be sitting at home trying to work out what the hell is going on with imports etc. Prices have already gone up (they did months ago) but I’ll be passing that on to consumers now, I can’t physically keep shouldering the price increases and maintain staff and my suppliers across the channel."

Jim Smith said: "As a musician that spends a lot of time playing in Europe, working visas and tour carnet costs will make it almost impossible for it to be financially viable."

Mario Luzi said: "Love how everyone is using the Union Jack to celebrate. This signals the end of the union, and a border within our own country."

Fonz Walker said he was in mourning adding: "We're going to be screwed."

Ryan Deakin said: "Shows everything you need to know about the EU in that the vote by the EU parliament was “just a formality” as the deal had already been agreed."

Martin Brant said: "Awful decision. Hope the people who voted out feel the consequences."

Si Moore said: "Celebrating we will be strong once again."

Steve Hobbs said: "It’s telling the EU finally admitted they’d be weaker without the UK. It confirms what many knew all along, the EU needs the UK, the UK doesn’t need the EU. All I can say is goodbye and good riddance."