DID you have a party or set off fireworks for Brexit day?

Despite the big build up, the whole thing appeared to be a damp squib. Can anybody be surprised - people have been sick of all the talk of leaving the European Union for a long time now, many not even able to say Brexit and only referring to it as the B-word.

It is true the jeopardy of whether we would actually leave or not officially disappeared with the Conservatives election result in December. But, as I have written in this column many times, it was never about if we'd leave (we always would) - it has always been about when and how.

Part of the reason Friday felt like just another day was because we didn’t see any major changes overnight, as we enter this transitional period. Britons and EU nationals will still continue to see free movement and all EU rules and regulations will continue to apply to the UK. So basically we are still in the EU but having no say, as MEPs are now out of a job and the British flag was taken down at Brussels. This period lasts until the end of the year and, as it stands, all focus is now on the next and most important deadline - January 1, 2021. That is why it is a shame people may now switch off, and take no notice believing it to be all over, wrongly thinking ‘Brexit got done’. But I think they will quickly realise we are only just getting started.

What we have seen has been the warm up to the key part - the negotiations on trade talks and the future relationship with Europe. At this point we have only heard a little from the EU and British government about what they want in the talks, but early indications are there could be major clashes.

If these last few years have taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t find a way to secure a deal, the threat of no deal returns by the autumn. Party splits and the divisions we saw in parliament could easily return and, despite the recent election win, the PM could even face big pressure to go.

I fully expect the usual comments for even suggesting that (someone will call me a remoaner despite the numerous times I stressed I supported us leaving the EU). But all I will say is back in 2016 and before all this began, did you see Brexit forcing out two Prime Ministers? Anything is possible.

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