I'm amazed that Benjamin Elvey has avoided serving time in prison after his selfish and dangerous actions almost killed a young man and left him with a prominent scar for life.

While over the legal alcohol limit for driving, Elvey rammed his car through heavy gates at a train station's car park – he'd called security to open the gates but clearly couldn't be bothered to wait for them ­– without first checking whether anyone was standing on the other side, and the iron gates swung open and smashes 21-year-old Frank Richardson in the head, causing him a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. Worcestershire Royal saved his life.

While Frank survived, he's been left with a large scar in the centre of his forehead as well as psychological scars.

Meanwhile Elvey, also 21, is free to carry on with his life relatively inconvenienced because his punishment was just a suspended prison sentence, 20-month driving ban and £735 in fines and court costs. Yes, Elvey did not mean to hurt Frank, but his selfish and reckless behaviour has changed his victim's life forever.