A POPULAR former teacher who is in complete isolation in an abandoned school campus has welcomed a much needed food package, but admits it is hard being alone.

Bob Allison has been in isolation for twelve days following the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

Mr Allison who was a former geography teacher at The Chantry moved to China five years ago and teaches at three middle schools in a city just north of Shanghai.

Upon finding out the news yesterday that Mr Allison was in China many of his former pupils got in touch to support him and share their concerns.

Mr Allison gave Worcester News an update. He said: "One friend was going shopping and asked if I needed any food. Another delivered some eggs. I am left with 70 now! The same friend brought me some food cooked by her father and sent some sandwiches in.

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So I made a mistake to say my food supply was drying up. In my experience this is typical of the Chinese people – they are looking out for me.

They delivered the food to the gate of the school but were reluctant to say much because they have received advice to keep their distance – 1- 1½ metres has been suggested and not to join in with conversation due to the possibility of the so called ‘droplets’.

I consider myself lucky to have friends willing to help and a local government who appear to be succeeding in restricting the spread of the virus. I do not like being on my own but I am comfortable, now have sufficient food and plenty to keep me busy. I really feel for those people in the Hubei Province where it is proving more difficult to control the virus at the moment.

I am looking forward catching up with family and friends in the summer."