PARENTS with children at a Droitwich school have flocked to support it after a complaint about a party at the site.

We reported on worries over a party at Gloverspiece Mini Farm, a special needs school, held in the summer by the headmistresses’s son.

Although the school was closed at the time and headteacher Lynne Duffy said it was occasionally let out as a venue, some parents said they were alarmed after a picture of revellers at the site was shared on social media.

However, Kim Beard said: “My daughter had a terrible time at her main stream school. She was forever being excluded and I had constant phone calls to go in and collect her. She hasn’t had a diagnosis as we are still fighting to get one, but since starting at Gloverspiece our lives at home as well as my daughter's in school have changed so much. She wants to go to school, asks for homework and loves the farm and taking care of the animals - something she is looking at doing later in life. She is happy and content at the school. It has been an absolute godsend and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Another parent said: “As a parent of a child with Asperger's and other issues we felt a great sense of relief when Gloverspiece was awarded school status. At our son's previous school more often than not we would get a phone call 10 minutes after dropping him off as they couldn’t cope with him. Fast forward over two years and the only time he’s absent from school is illness or hospital appointments. The staff are very supportive and compassionate.”

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Head Mrs Duffy said: “Gloverspiece Community Care Farm was set up ten years ago to support vulnerable adults and children and then became a centre for alternative provision.This proved so successful we opened a special needs primary school on site - Gloverspiece School. Our school supports children with anxiety, autism, ADHD and other conditions.

“The majority of these children came to us having been unable to access other educational provision and had been out of school for some time,they are now progressing well academically and socially. All of our children receive one to one support and access to the farm plus other therapeutic activities.

"Over three years we have reached our maximum capacity of twenty five children, we have six qualified teachers and twenty seven highly skilled support staff.

“Our recent Ofsted inspection praised us on the strength of our safeguarding and pupil wellbeing and agreed to extend our age to sixteen. We are following the Nurture Schools Programme and are developing a new nurture facility to further enhance the wellbeing of our children both in school and on the care farm.”