READERS have been given their reaction after we reported that Worcester City Council has earmarked £60,000 to potentially hire two new enforcement officers.

The officers hand out the punishments set by Worcester’s recently introduced public space protection order, handing them to people cycling through the city centre, feeding gulls and aggressively begging.

John Oliver said: "Is this what the rise in council tax is going to pay for. It's pathetic."

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Adam Smale said it was all about funding, adding: "People being expected to do the same with budgets down as much as 40 per cent."

Claire Molton said: "If ever there was a job created just to grab more money from people through fines, then this is it.

"Not only do we already pay enough council tax, but there are no issues that need tacking through these new jobs and people's liberties are being taken away.

"Worcester City Council should focus on things that really matter for the people they're suppose to serve.

"And if money is an issue to the point they need to fine people, why don't council staff take a pay cut so that more money is available for services?"

Eddie Charko said: "So the council are going to jack up the council tax and already we have seen a list of items where they are going to waste money on."

Steve Taylor said: "Work in Worcester City Centre and you'll realise this is very much needed."

Michael Leighton said: "A fine for feeding the gulls really. So what about the food waste the council are sending to landfill the gulls must think it's Christmas?"

Bob Owler said: "Further attempt at erosion of people's rights.

"These clowns will have no power to demand people's details. Simply refuse and walk away. Nothing at all they can do.

"I don't agree with cycling in the high street or aggressive begging but rather this than further erosion of our rights."