CONCERNS about more traffic misery on routes which have already suffered long delays were raised over a plan to build 100 more homes in Droitwich.

The plan by Countrywide Project Management Ltd would see up to 100 homes built on land between the M5 motorway and Tagwell Road in Droitwich.

The homes would be close to the huge Yew Tree Hill development, which has seen congestion and roadwork problems in Droitwich for quite a while.

Some neighbours have objected to the plan over concerns Tagwell Road was too small and unsafe to serve the extra homes.

Louise Berry, of Tagwell Road, said: “The access road proposed would be unsafe on what is a small road.

“The surrounding road infrastructure is not appropriate for a development of this size when factoring in the other large developments being built very close where the road has caused and is causing problems with the increased traffic where people tend to drive too fast.”

Dr Martin James, of Tagwell Grange, said the number of homes was “alarmingly excessive” and noise and pollution would be worse and air quality would worsen even further.

Dr James said plans to remove trees would be a “serious health threat” as the air quality in the area was already at risk of exceeding legal limits.

Dr Audrey Cook, also of Tagwell Grange, said more homes along Tagwell Road would “at best” cause more congestion and increase the risk of accidents.

The objection said: “Tagwell Road is already a fast, busy road which caters to residents from several housing developments. The addition of a development with up to 100 homes, which could lead to an extra 100-200 cars, will place unacceptable levels of pressure on the local road infrastructure.

“At best it will lead to more congestion, which elevates pollution levels thereby posing a threat to human health, and at worst it will increase the risk of road accidents along the affected portion of Tagwell Road.”

The plans can be viewed via the planning section of Wychavon District Council’s website.

Consultation ends on March 5.

The application number is 20/00183/OUT.