Today, I am forced to reflect on my very little time in the media industry and my feelings on what role a journalist should play.

I cannot stop thinking about a comment left by a reader that suggested that we, as the local paper, should be “painting the city in the best light.”

I mean ethically, morally and legally there are a million reasons why journalists should definitely not do that, but the statement has weighed heavy on my heart nonetheless.

When I was just starting out on my journalism course at university, I would have said the role of a journalist is simple: We are the eyes and ears of the people.

We only ever deal in facts, we ensure public bodies are held to account and, above all else, we uphold our integrity as accurate, fair and balanced reporters.

It sounds simple enough. However after just two short months in the ‘real’ world of news I don’t think my answer would be the same.

A journalist is a human being. We are not robots, (yet) and can never be truly impartial. We deal not only in facts but in feelings, in people, in stories, in huge triumphs and in devastating losses.

I can only speak from my personal experience, but there is not a story that I have written that has not stuck with me in some way.

That being said it is definitely NOT up to us to paint the city in any light. We report on things that are happening.

And if the things that are happening are toilets being closed due to drug use, or shops in the high street failing, or cancer patients being left waiting for surgery, then that is the way it is.

If the things that are happening are school boys raising money for endangered chimps, or a girl risking her life in an attempt to stop a man jumping off a bridge, or a couple starting up a charity with their own money to support veterans in need, then that is what goes in.

I used those examples as they are all stories that I have written just this month. If it was up to me I would write far more of the softer news stories, but it isn’t.

The point I am trying to make is that we are not here to make Worcester look bad, just like we are not here to make it look good!

My role is to ensure my community has accurate information and I take it very seriously.