A DAD says he is disgusted after a man made an ‘inappropriate’ comment on social media right before his daughter received life-saving surgery.

Andy Hadley, father to 14-year-old Anna Hadley, who had a heart transplant at the end of last week, said he was appalled after reading a comment posted on Facebook which said Mr Hadley shouldn’t expect sympathy from a group that ‘he continues to undermine.’

The comment was posted by Worcester Hockey Club member Dave Gardner on another club member’s status, who had posted a goodwill message for the family.

Mr Gardner replied: “Amazed how someone can expect and accept sympathy from a group that he has and continues to undermine.”

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Mr Hadley, aged 49, said: “Anna was undergoing lifesaving surgery to transplant her new hockey heart. She received hundreds of positive messages of support, many were from Worcester Hockey Club members, past and present. Dave however took the opportunity to publicly criticise me.

“I can only assume that Dave’s ill-judged and cruelly-timed comment relates to the objections I have submitted against the current planning application made jointly by Worcester Hockey Club and RGS Worcester for two international standard hockey pitches, which are expected to be built on greenbelt land off Droitwich Road in Perdiswell, using a council-backed £2.9 million loan.”

Anna’s family posted the heart-warming news on the Facebook group, Team Anna #HockeyHeart, last week to say she would be having the long awaited surgery.

Mr Hadley added: “He really angered me. That’s a cheap shot.

“Dave is very welcome to his thoughts, however polarised they may be, but the timing of his remarks knowing that Anna would be fighting for her life, was an act of pure evil and it has caused considerable distress to my family and many of Anna's school friends, during our most anxious and vulnerable hours.”

Mr Gardner declined to comment.

Mr Hadley added: “In making such a comment while Anna was in the operating theatre, Dave has embarrassed himself and the other members of Worcester Hockey Club. I find it incredible that he did this at a time when the club needs greater public support."