A DOG walker has been left shaken after she claims her dogs were attacked by “stray staffies.”

Dianne Humphries, 62, was walking her two Schnauzer dogs Bertie and Lily near to her home last week when she says they were attacked.

Worcester News:

'He shook her round like a rag doll'

She said Lily’s leg was broken in the attack and she is still at the vets awaiting an operation whilst Bertie has deep puncture wounds to his head and side.

She is now fearful that the dogs may hurt a child and has warned residents in Tolladine to be on the look out.

She said: “I had just popped out to walk them round the block on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

"Bertie and Lily are both friendly and normally happy to play, we didn’t see the two other dogs at first.

“Lily froze behind me when she saw them, the two staffies were just scavenging around in the middle of the road for food.

"I was just about to turn around and go back the other way when one of them came running over and just went for Bertie. He was stood in front of Lily and I, trying to protect us. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I was shouting and screaming for help but there was no-one around - the rugby was on.

"I was kicking out at the dog and trying to get him off Bertie, but within seconds the other one picked up Lily in his jaws and shook her round like a rag doll.

“Lily let out this awful shriek, she was really hurt, I managed to grab her and threw her up on my shoulder, but the staffy jumped up at me to get to her.

"I was so frightened, I kicked her where it hurt, I am sorry to say.

"Meanwhile Bertie was left to fend for himself against the other one. I grabbed him and ran onto a driveway, I was running away and shouting but still nobody came to help. Once I had both dogs in my arms the staffies sort of sauntered away back to whatever it was they were looking at in the road.

“After the attack I had to sit on the pavement to catch my breath. I was in shock.”

Worcester News:

'It may not be a dog hurt next time, but a child'

Diane said she wants to warn people about the attack on Hollymount Road, as the dogs may still be out there.

She said: “My biggest concern is the children that play on their little bikes and scooter in the street. It is a horrible thought, but if they had been out when the dogs attacked, I don’t think they would stand much of a chance.

“I felt very torn as to whether to leave the dogs as they are a danger - it is not their fault.

"It is the owners that raise them to be aggressive. It is a shame for everyone involved. I feel so sorry for them.

“I hope the owners are found and face some sort of repercussions because next time it may not be a dog hurt, but a child.”

Police said they were called to the road at 4.45pm on Saturday, February 8.

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