STAFF at a restaurant which closed suddenly in Worcester fear they may not be paid for shifts they worked.

A former worker at Red Leaf World Buffet says he lost his job with no warning and consequently his home, while another ex-employee claims she was given less than a day’s notice that the restaurant would shut down.

Two people have come forward to say they are still waiting to be paid for shifts they worked before the closure.

Red Leaf World Buffet, in Foregate Street, took down its signs last week and left a notice in the window saying: “Due to unforeseen circumstances Red Leaf World Buffet is closed until further notice.”

Worcester News:

Rajinder Singh, 39, known as Jimmy, says he worked as a chef in the restaurant and lived in the flats above.

Worcester News:

He says he has been left out of pocket since being "kicked out"  and has been forced to return to Italy. Bizarrely, a spokesman for the restaurant said Mr Singh never worked there – but other ex-employees say he was a chef.

Mr Singh said: "I worked for them seven days a week for 28 days. I was working 14-hour shifts. I gave my all to the restaurant and they haven't paid me a penny.

"I went to Citizen's Advice and, on their advice, wrote a letter to the manager, who I knew as 'Neggy.'

Mr Singh says he was sacked for no good reason back in August last year. 

"This has left me jobless and homeless so I have been forced to go back to Italy."

Worcester News:

Luna Verdecchia, 22, says she was employed by Red Leaf for four months.

She said after the sudden closure of the restaurant her and her friends were left unable to pay the bills.

She said: "We were told the night before it shut that we would need to find new jobs.

"My friends and I were left without work overnight. I am still looking for work and my friends are struggling to stay afloat as they are studying as well.

"My hours kept being cut for no good reason. I knew something like this would happen eventually but I didn't expect them to just chuck us out with no notice. We have bills to pay.

"I am still waiting for my final pay cheque. I am scared it won't arrive."

She said she had subsequently received a letter saying the restaurant would be closed for three weeks.

Worcester News:

A statement from Red Leaf World Buffet, which also has a restaurant in West Bromwich, said that Jimmy Singh had never worked at the restaurant.

The statement said none of the former workers had complained about bad treatment at the restaurant and that all restaurant employees had been paid on a regular basis.

The restaurant also said it employed staff on zero hours contracts which meant their hours were flexible.