ZIGGY played guitar and famously died, according to the David Bowie classic.

But now he's back - apparently - and will prove it three times locally, with a gig at Worcester University's drama studio, on February 27; at the Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove, on February 28, and at The Marrs Bar in Worcester, on March 12.

Further details have been announced for the 'Rock n Roll Suicide! Still Alive? tour, as presented by the theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and the Damned.

A spokesman said: "‘A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide’ Was a surprise hit at Ed Fest Fringe 2019! Totally splitting the critics, it swept the board with 1,2,3,4 to 5 Star reviews. It was like “The Sex Pistols of Theatre hitting the Fringe and totally shaking it up”, according to one agog reviewer.

"The original show with funding from the Arts Council England Lottery Grant has been re-written, re-developed with Chris Thorpe and will tour all over the UK from February 28. Venues will include Rock Festivals, Clubs and Pubs. Taking it back to the real grass roots, to real rock fans and people who may not have the chance to see live Theatre, with admissions kept to a minimum.

"Ziggy Stardust returns to take us on a tragical Mystery Tour through the life of a nearly- was- Rock star, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, AKA Lee Mark-Jones! This one man- show plays out against a backdrop of videos and scenes from his early life, our jaded, ageing rocker sings along with his young pretty self and belts out songs from Punk to the Present, from an initially glamtastic, then tragic Rock N Roll career."

The spokesman added: "It’s the story of a man who comes to terms with himself after the diagnosis of a condition that unknown to him, has defined his life. Join us on this autobiographical roller coaster and see for yourselves what Ziggy Stardust is finally revealed to be. This suicide is by turns glamorous, punky, anarchic and tragic."

Further details: http://theatreofthewildbeautifulanddamned.co.uk