READERS have been having their say after the news Worcester City Council now looks set to be forced by the government to introduce a food waste collection.

The government has set out plans for food waste to be collected separately from general black bin rubbish in all households by 2023.

A council spokesman said they were now examining options for a service.

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Fonz Walker said: "Yet another stinking bin left outside for two weeks.

"A good excuse to put the tax up again."

Ally Manton said: "It will still all be bagged up and thrown so just as irrelevant."

Graham Good said: "But most of Worcester household black bin rubbish is burnt at the Hartlebury Energy from waste plant and avoids landfill."

Chloe Louisha said: "They do this in Kent it’s the best idea ever."

Clare Robertson said: "About time too. As long as collected weekly it’s fine.

"Other councils do it."

Teresa Culy added: "Buy a waste disposal, easy option."