A CAFE owner has released a CCTV image of a man who he believes stole the staff tip jar.

Staff at Worcester's Caffe Bolero, in St Nicholas Street, have been left 'shaken up and scared' after the tip jar was stolen during the morning rush on Wednesday, said owner Fatmir Cokaj.

Mr Cokaj said: “A man came into the shop and was served by a female member of staff. He ordered a hot drink and went to pay by card but it was declined.

“When the server was distracted, he slipped the tip jar, which was sitting on the counter, into his bag.

“This was a very nasty theft. It is not about the money, it would only have been about £4 – it is the principle. He stole from my hardworking staff.

“I found it very shocking when I watched it back on the cameras.”

According to Mr Cokaj, the incident happened on February 12 at 8.25am, and he says the man was wearing a black coat and hat.

He has sent the Worcester News a CCTV image of a man he suspects to be the thief.

Mr Cokaj added: “I wasn’t here at the time, I was on the school run, but the cafe was very busy and he took advantage of that. When I got into work somebody asked me if I knew what had happened to the tip jar and I was very worried. I immediately thought the worst.

“Staff and customers were shaken up and scared after the theft. I feel bad for my customers – they come in here to relax. They don’t need to be scared by criminal activity in my cafe. It is very detrimental for business.”

Caffe Bolero is known as a community hub. Last year the business donated a day's takings to Hand in Hand for Oscar, a fund to help pay for specialist cancer treatment in Singapore for six-year-old Oscar Saxelby-Lee.

At the time Mr Cokaj said: “I have four kids myself and every time I look at my kids I am thinking about Oscar and I put myself in his parents’ position. I wondered if it was one of my kids, how I would feel and how I would feel if someone tried to help me.”

Police said the theft had not yet been reported.

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