A MAN accused of raping the same girl four times said “it did not happen” when he gave evidence at his trial.

Wayne Russell said he had not been to three of the locations his accuser says rapes took place, when he gave evidence on day four of his trial at Worcester Crown Court.

The 49-year-old has pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape, said by the prosecution to have taken place between January 2010 and January 2016 at various city locations. The complainant said Russell first assaulted her in an alleyway near a school off Green Lane when she was nine or 10 years old. She claims Russell raped her three more times in Cripplegate Park, Brickfields Park and at his Tolladine flat, after she smoked cannabis and drank alcohol.

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Jason Aris, defending Russell, brought up the allegations. “It never happened,” he replied to a number of questions about the alleged incidents.

Mr Aris asked if he had ever been to the alleyway, to which Russell replied: “I never need to.”

His barrister asked if he had been to Brickfields Park, with Russell replying: “When I was a child. I have never been there as an adult.”

And, asked about Cripplegate Park, Russell said he had not been there “ever.”

Russell told the jury he had never seen the victim on her own. Asked if she had ever been to his flat he replied “no.”

Mr Aris said: “Did you have any sort of relationship (with the victim)?” To which he replied “no.”

Simon Phillips, prosecuting, said that, after hearing his evidence, he wanted to know why Russell in a March 2018 interview had given a prepared statement, then when police asked him questions he remained silent.

He replied: “My solicitor told me to keep quiet, and just listen to the police’s allegations. I was nervous, I was taking the advice from my solicitor at the time.”

Mr Phillips said: “That was the advice that was given - you chose to remain silent didn’t you?”

Russell replied: “I was told by my solicitor to remain silent.”

Mr Phillips said: “(The victim) has told us the truth hasn’t she?”

Russell replied, “no”.

Earlier the court heard from the victim’s former stepmother who told the court, after one of the alleged incidents the victim had turned up on her doorstep.

“She was very pale, lethargic, miserable and filthy,” the prosecution witness said.

Yesterday afternoon the prosecution and defence summed up their cases. Judge Nicholas Cartwright will continuing recapping the case today, before the jury retires to decide its verdict.