VALENTINE'S Day has come around once more and it’s a day most will spend dining out and enjoying quality time together – but also one some may take for granted.

One couple that won’t be able to enjoy Valentine's Day as they'd wish is Michael and Tatiana Fatialofa. They will be spending the day in rehab, trying to improve movement in Michael’s body following the Worcester Warriors star's likely career-ending injury in January.

Fatialofa suffered a spinal injury in the game against Saracens and has spent the past six weeks in hospital, hardly able to move.

He is now taking his first steps out of his wheelchair, albeit being assisted by nurses. He and his new wife Tatiana should be on their honeymoon but, instead, they are contemplating their life together not being as they had planned.

Their situations show us that there are bigger things in life than sport – which may sound ironic coming from a sports reporter such as myself.

People tend to assume that life for professional sports stars is all roses but, with many sports, the players can be seconds away from suffering life-threatening injuries.

We have covered Fatialofa's story pretty much daily and what I have learned is that the wider sporting community really rallies together when disaster strikes one of their own.

You can never prepare for this kind of life-changing injury – all you would hope for is for people to support you and do what they can to try and help you somehow find a way to recover.

Both Sale and Saracens are raising money to help Fatialofa during his recovery, while players from many clubs are going to visit him, and it’s been refreshing to see that people can club together for the greater good and make a difference in someone else’s life when they really need that help.

So if you are sharing Valentine's Day with a loved one, make sure you cherish it because you never know what life will throw at you next.