A GARAGE set up by a city man is flourishing with 13 employees after 10 years.

Worcester born and bred Matt Jeffreys started off the business with a ‘Shell’ garage in St Johns more than 10 years ago but now the plot hosts a shop for all motoring needs including servicing, MOT`s and repairs.

Mr Jeffreys said with various businesses closing in Worcester at the moment, St Johns Garages is one that is flourishing and on Wednesday celebrated a decade in business.

The garage has gone from strength to strength and now employs 13 members of staff and holds a fleet of 10 courtesy cars,an amount he said not even national dealerships provide in the area.

Mr Jeffreys and his team pride themselves on their excellent customer service and their “nothing is too much trouble” ethos has led to a repeat customer base and 10 years of successful business.

Mr Jeffreys admits it was not always easy but now the garage is reaping the rewards.

“Hard work and lots of it,” he said.

“I think the phrase blood, sweat and tears covers it quite well.

“We will always be honest with customers and tell them how it is and we do what we can to save people money. We aren’t about squeezing people for every penny and I guess that’s what people are after.

“All the lads have a great knowledge of cars. Whether they’re ten years old or 100, we are all capable of dealing with whatever we need to.”

The 37-year-old started the business with just one apprentice.

He said: “Every day in Worcester there are local businesses closing down or struggling to stay afloat so when I see this I am just very proud in the knowledge that our business is actually growing, not just flourishing. Think it’s something worth celebrating.

“There are a fair few of us here now and that’s a good sign. We also operate on a local strategy so we try and employ local people and we are all local to the area.

“I just think we’re a friendly bunch. The nice thing is that we quite old fashioned in our approach, we know everyone on a first name basis and that’s what people who come here are after I think.

“It’s just a great place to work in general.

“The lads are always singing and dancing around and taking the mick out of one another. It’s a great environment to be in and that always makes for a good working environment also.”