MYSTERY surrounds the sudden closure of a newsagents.

A sign on the window at Richardson’s in St John’s, Worcester, said the shop would be “closed until further notice - we apologise for your inconvenience.”

The move has left some customers questioning why the shop shut suddenly without notice and whether they will be refunded for subscriptions they've already paid.

Local councillor said the shop had suffered 'a drop in footfall' recently which he blamed on 'local concerns'.

Roger Marston,77, from St John’s, said: “I expected my newspaper to be delivered this morning but it wasn’t.

“I rang the shop but there was no reply.

“The Co-op don’t do newspaper delivery.”

A delivery subscriber, who did not want to be named, said: “I pay for The Times to be delivered - I’ve paid £17 for this - will I get my money back?”

A business owner near to the shop, who does not want to be identified, said: “ The couple that run it are really nice and it was open as normal yesterday - it just doesn’t add up.”

Cllr Richard Udall said: “I’ve noticed recently the footfall in the shop is not what it used to be for a variety of local concerns.”

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There was no answer from the shop yesterday.

The shop was set up over 100 years ago and it is believed the new owners purchased the business around one and a half years ago, keeping the Richardson's name.