A HEADTEACHER said it felt ‘amazing’ to win last year’s Community Involvement Award.

Pitmaston Primary School was the worthy winner of the award after their remarkable efforts to find a stem-cell match for pupil Oscar Saxelby-Lee.

Nearly 5,000 turned out at the school in March last year to register with DKMS, a charity which helps to find stem-cell donors for people with serious illnesses.

Kate Wilcock, head at the school in Malvern Road, said: “It feels amazing and what we were able to achieve on that weekend was incredible.

“Not only helping Oscar but finding other people donors.

“I am so privileged to be head at Pitmaston and the most important thing that over that weekend we were able to find other people donors who need them.”

The school launched the drive after Oscar was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and he was told he had three months in which to find a transplant.

The DKMS charity believes at least 10,000 new potential donors were inspired to join the register by Oscar’s story.

In April, Oscar found a match, allowing him to begin the treatment process. However, the efforts of everyone from Pitmaston Primary will not only make a difference to Oscar’s life, but perhaps many more.

The story of Oscar’s fight and the campaign led by the school went global, featuring in newspapers as far away as India and the United States.